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Looking for information on fake clairvoyants?

I have noticed that I have many visitors from other European countries to my blog, in particular to the blog entries regarding fake clairvoyants like Marcos von Ring, Marie France and IFA Institut og Forskningsanstalt.

If you have received letters from a fake clairvoyant in another language than Danish please take the time and send them to me, either by e-mail or by traditional mail. This way you can help to warn others about these scams.


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  1. Kevin Harrington siger:

    I can moderate in English for you. As you can see, I have my own message board on the postal scam problem.

  2. Correction of URL in above post.

  3. gudrun pfeil siger:

    Good afternoon,

    I have received from ifa, The Netherlands, under the names of Berthold von Graatz as well as Felix von Ottrup zu Hohenstein. Warning, that is fraud! It is nothing else but making money using the search of mankind for what?


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